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78xx not appearing in ephone list on router....

Hello all,


Recently we installed the specified 78xx firmware and device pack to accommodate the these phones on our CUCM environment which is working fine...

However we have quite a few 2911 branch routers where we have setup phones (MGCP) and SRST etc... However, when i list ephones "show ephone ?", I noticed the 78xx phones are not listed (as below). Not sure why not?


#show ephone ?
  12SP                     12SP+ and 30VIP phones
  6901                     Cisco IP Phone 6901
  6911                     Cisco IP Phone 6911
  6921                     Cisco IP Phone 6921
  6941                     Cisco IP Phone 6941
  6961                     Cisco IP Phone 6961
  7902                     Cisco IP Phone 7902
  7905                     Cisco IP Phone 7905
  7906                     Cisco IP Phone 7906
  7910                     Cisco IP Phone 7910
  7911                     Cisco IP Phone 7911
  7912                     Cisco IP Phone 7912
  7914                     Cisco IP Phone 7914 14-Button Line Expansion Module
  7915-12                  Cisco IP Phone 7915 12-Button Line Expansion Module
  7915-24                  Cisco IP Phone 7915 24-Button Line Expansion Module
  7916-12                  Cisco IP Phone 7916 12-Button Line Expansion Module
  7916-24                  Cisco IP Phone 7916 24-Button Line Expansion Module
  7920                     Cisco IP Phone 7920
  7921                     Cisco IP Phone 7921
  7925                     Cisco IP Phone 7925
  7926                     Cisco IP Phone 7926
  7931                     Cisco IP Phone 7931
  7935                     Cisco IP Conference Station 7935
  7936                     Cisco IP Phone 7936
  7937                     Cisco IP Conference Station 7937
  7940                     Cisco IP Phone 7940
  7941                     Cisco IP Phone 7941
  7941GE                   Cisco IP Phone 7941GE
  7942                     Cisco IP Phone 7942
  7945                     Cisco IP Phone 7945
  7960                     Cisco IP Phone 7960
  7961                     Cisco IP Phone 7961
  7961GE                   Cisco IP Phone 7961GE
  7962                     Cisco IP Phone 7962
  7965                     Cisco IP Phone 7965
  7970                     Cisco IP Phone 7970
  7971                     Cisco IP Phone 7971
  7975                     Cisco IP Phone 7975
  7985                     Cisco IP Phone 7985
  CIPC                     Cisco IP Communicator
  H.H.H                    mac address
  IP-STE                   SCCP IP STE
  anl                      SCCP Gateway (AN)
  ata                      ATA  phone emulation for analog phone
  attempted-registrations  Attempted ephone list
  bri                      SCCP Gateway (BR)
  cfa                      registered ephones with call-forward-all set
  detail                   with detailed info
  dn                       Dn with tag assigned
  dnd                      registered ephones with do-not-disturb set
  login                    phone login status
  moh                      Information of all moh groups
  offhook                  Offhook phone status
  overlay                  registered ephones with overlay DNs
  phone-load               Ephone phoneload information
  registered               Registered ephone status
  remote                   non-local phones (with no arp entry)
  ringing                  Ringing phone status
  sockets                  Active ephone sockets
  summary                  Summary of all ephone
  tapiclients              Ephone status of tapi client
  telephone-number         Telephone number assigned
  unregistered             Unregistered ephone status
  vgc-phone                vg248 phone emulation for analog phone
  |                        Output modifiers


Is there something else I have to do on a router perspective for these phones and SRST?


Any help much appreciated!



Cisco Employee

Yes, run a CME/SRST version

Yes, run a CME/SRST version which supports them, as the one you have does not



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New Member

Yes, Bit confusing as table



Bit confusing as table reference that it should be supported however I have now also seen other threads where they say not supported till "Summer" 2014 and that is even on CUCME 10.x


Might log a TAC to see what the deal is as all the table indicate that I am on the correct versions both IOS and CUCM


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