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7905/7912 MWI and ringer defaults

Hello there,

I just recently upgraded a customer from 3.3 to 4.1(3). They have a lot of 7905/7912 phones.

In Call manager 3.3 you could change the settings for the MWI and ringing on the lines of the 7905/7912 phones.

In call manager 4.1(3) you cannot. i also checked 4.2 and 5.1(3) and neither one of them you can change the 05's and 12. You can change the 11's.

Why would cisco take out a feature like this. or is their a firmware or DEV patch that will fix this. I am running 4.1(3) SR 6 on the box.

Hoping to find a solution as the customer is not too happy with this feature not being available for 200+ of his phones :/



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Re: 7905/7912 MWI and ringer defaults

Hi Ken,

Are you sure that this was ever available? We still have a 3.3(5) running in the lab so I just had a look at the settings for MWI and Line/Ringer and they are not avalable :(

I don't think they ever were in my recollection and I'm not really sure what they could accomplish on a "single line" set?

The MWI setting is in relation to Secondary Lines like on a 7941/7961 so that Messages on Line 2 etc. can light the MWI.

The Ring setting is similar, what to do when a call comes in these Secondary Lines. So I don't see why the customer is unhappy.

Maybe I'm missing the point!


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Re: 7905/7912 MWI and ringer defaults

Hi Rob,

Yep those options were definitely available. I beleive it was 3.33 or 3.34.

i still had the old server up and running before i reloaded it as a subscriber and saw the settings.

On the 7905's and 12's on the line level of the phone they had the option to disable MWI and to disable the ringing of the phone, just like the 7911's have now and the 7940's have always had.

where they used this the most is in the classrooms, where they did not want the phone to ring during class.

When i did an export of all the 7905 and 7912 phones they all had varing settings for whether or not MWI light was disabled and whether or not the phone rang.

Its kinda of odd is was taken away, but available on the 7911 which is primarily the same as the 05's and 12's

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