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7911 firmware load fail after CCM 6 upgrade

Dear netwoerkers,

I have upgrated a cluster of CallManager from 4.1.3 to 6.1(2).the upgrade was smooth and i did not DMA errors.

After upgrade to version 6.1(2), ihad lot of problems with Cisco 7911 IP Phones!!! they didn't load the new firmware (came with CCM 6). I have done the Reset facotory (using 123456789*03 and 3491672850*#) but no solution!!!

i did not have problem with 7960, 7941,..etc i had only problems with 7911 and the wiere is that some of the 7911 did load succussfly the firmware and some did not!!

i don't know what to do. please we need urgent help!!

ths in advance.

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Re: 7911 firmware load fail after CCM 6 upgrade

I've had similar problems and the only way I found to resolve it was set the switch ports on the affected phones to an access mode and change the access vlan temporarily to the voice vlan. Once they'd upgraded and registered I was able the revert the switch config.

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Re: 7911 firmware load fail after CCM 6 upgrade


thx for your response,

But please note that the switch ports are already in the access mode.

the wierd is that i have downgreaded some of the 7911 to work with CCM 4 (i put them on the lab with a CCM4 ) then i have uplgraded them again to work with CCM6; 3/5 upgraded successfully!!! i don't know the reason !!

Please help cuz i find the attitude of these IP Phones very random!!

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Re: 7911 firmware load fail after CCM 6 upgrade

Its hard to say what it is. Other than check the obvious aspects (i.e DHCP, VLANs, can CM ping the phones etc). I've had other unexplained problems with 7911s, and I never get it with any other model of phone. You'll also see similar reports on this forum for 7911s. What I've never done is actually progress one of the problems with TAC, but if you have an example 7911 that you can get packet traces from and log traces off the CM, you might make some headway. I think the 7911s seem particularly unreliable in this respect.

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