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7911 Firmware

We run cm4.2(1). As 7912's will be ceased soon we are trialling 7911's.

How long before a 7911 should load with its own firmware once connected to the network? Our network is fine but I had the phone plugged in a good 40mins before it upgraded and presented itself a a usable device. During this time it was constantly resetting itself. It seems a very long time - especially as we have 1500 of these phones to roll out in the new year!

Any info would be appreciated

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Re: 7911 Firmware

Hi Barry,

What firmware are you running for the 7911G's?

If it is 8.0(1) which shipped with many CCM 4.2 CD's there were many bugs (this should only take a few minutes);

The 8.0(1) firmware release has been made available on Cisco Unified CallManager installation CDs; however, it will not be made available on due to additional bugs filed during final testing. Cisco recommends that you instead use the updated 8.0(2) SR2 (or something newer) firmware load, which is now available on This recommendation is limited to this specific firmware release and has no bearing on any other software or firmware available on Cisco Unified CallManager CDs.

From this doc;

Let us know,


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Re: 7911 Firmware


The load file is 8.0.2. - This is the latest isn't it? We have no bin file for a 7911 but there is a SCCP11.8-02-0s.load file on the call manager. Could this be causing the problem?

What file is it exactly we need for a working piece of firmware? (we are fairly new to call manager)

I left a further 7911 loading overnight and it still hadn't registered or loaded this morning (!) I had to recycle the power/network connection and then it loaded, as you said, within minutes. Strange!

So it seems that the phone and call manager are fine - I just don't understand why they weren't loading within minutes the first time.

We have a 3rd party coming in next week who will be supplying our switches and phones for the roll out so I think I'll bring the issue up with them as well.

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Re: 7911 Firmware


i had a similar problem!

i was trying to register 7911 and 7961 for the first time through a 128 wan link!

I noticed phones cycled without registering with CCM so i sniffed traffic from and to my phone.I discovered sccp11 file contains a list of files that phone had to download(UNLESS IT YET CONTAINS) from CCM including a Jar file very Huge!

The first time phone try to register it downloads:


SCCP11 file

Jar file

If the download requires too much time the phone is timeouted (i don't know why) and restarts the download (from the sccp11 file)

My problem was fixed by using a 2Mbit link.

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Re: 7911 Firmware

I think my problem is similar than yours, i make a factory reset but nothing happens i did another procedure:

If this does not work, perform this procedure:

Power off the phone.

Hold down the # key.

While holding #, connect an AC adaptor to the phone.

Continue to hold # until the line buttons blink amber.

Release the # key.

Enter 3491672850*#

The lights should change color from amber to red. When this occurs, the phone is resetting to factory defaults.

After that i don?t see anything int the display.

Do you know if there?s any way ti recover a 7911G.?


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Re: 7911 Firmware


I've just learnt that unless you have option 66 configured in the TFTP server, the phone will not get out of bootstrap, and keeps cycling requesting DHCP, with blank display.

I can confirm the key sequence above works in resetting phone to default.

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