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New Member

7912 goes into constant loop

Thanks to Jonathon Schulenberg from previvious post to putting me on correct path.Further help needed please

7912 goes into constant loop of Configuring IP, Configuring VLAN,Configuring CMList

Network Configuration on phone shows allocated IP addresss, default gateway, etc of which is correct

Can ping phone, DHCP and def g/w from router ok. But cant stop this constant looping

Runnng CME 3.3 with IOS 12.4

Phone has necessary sbin file according to cme and IOS matrix

Phone displays in CME with correct extension number, caller id/name, mac address and phone loads

Provided output below via attachment of sh telephony-service all and show ephone for more information

Am I doing something wrong....thanks again in advance..

cme_router#sh telephony-service all
CONFIG (Version=3.3)
Version 3.3
Cisco CallManager Express
For on-line documentation please see:

ip source-address port 2000
load 7912 cp7912060000sccp050124A.sbin
max-ephones 2
max-dn 2
max-conferences 4 gain -6
dspfarm units 0
dspfarm transcode sessions 0
hunt-group report delay 1 hours
max-redirect 5
time-format 12
date-format mm-dd-yy
timezone 0 Greenwich Standard Time
keepalive 30
timeout interdigit 10
timeout busy 10
timeout ringing 180
caller-id name-only: enable
web admin system name Admin
web admin customer name Customer
edit DN through Web:  enabled.
edit TIME through web:  enabled.
Log (table parameters):
     max-size: 150
     retain-timer: 15
create cnf-files version-stamp 7960 Mar 01 2002 17:50:44
transfer-system full-consult
local directory service: enabled.

ephone-template 1

ephone-dn 1 dual-line
number 1001
name John Cheetley
description Garage phone
preference 0 secondary 9
no huntstop channel

translate calling 1
translate called 1
call-waiting beep
translation-profile incoming 1
translation-profile outgoing 1

ephone-dn 2
number 1002
preference 0 secondary 9
call-waiting beep

Number of Configured ephones 2 (Registered 0)
ephone 1
mac-address 0017.9570.8E67
type 7912
ephone 2

voice-port 50/0/1
station-id number 1001
station-id name John Cheetley
translate calling 1
translate called 1
voice-port 50/0/2
station-id number 1002

dial-peer voice 20001 pots
destination-pattern 1001$
progress_ind setup enable 3
port 50/0/1

dial-peer voice 20002 pots
destination-pattern 1002$
progress_ind setup enable 3
port 50/0/2
tftp-server system:/its/SEPDEFAULT.cnf
tftp-server system:/its/SEPDEFAULT.cnf alias SEPDefault.cnf
tftp-server system:/its/XMLDefault.cnf.xml alias XMLDefault.cnf.xml
tftp-server system:/its/ATADefault.cnf.xml
tftp-server system:/its/united_states/7960-tones.xml alias

tftp-server system:/its/united_states/7960-font.xml alias

tftp-server system:/its/united_states/7960-dictionary.xml alias

tftp-server system:/its/united_states/7960-kate.xml alias

tftp-server system:/its/united_states/SCCP-dictionary.xml alias

tftp-server system:/its/XMLDefault7912.cnf.xml alias SEP001795708E67.cnf.xml

directory entry 1 1001 name John Cheetley

show ephone output
cme_router#sh ephone

ephone-1 Mac:0017.9570.8E67 TCP socket:[-1] activeLine:0 UNREGISTERED
mediaActive:0 offhook:0 ringing:0 reset:0 reset_sent:0 paging 0 debug:0
IP: 0 Unknown 0  keepalive 0 max_line 0



Accepted Solutions
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7912 goes into constant loop

You do not need any of these tftp-server commands.

However, you should urgently update IOS.

Hall of Fame Super Gold

7912 goes into constant loop

You do not need any of these tftp-server commands.

However, you should urgently update IOS.

New Member

7912 goes into constant loop

Thanks Paolo for your reply.

As there are varied IOS updates available for the 2691 multi service platform router



Or perhaps


Do you have a suggestion?

New Member

7912 goes into constant loop

Can I only put a 2691 IOS onto  a 2600 router or are routers "forward" IOS compatable dependant on features using?