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7912 SIP to SCCP conversion help

Hi, I'm running Cisco Unified communication Business edition version The device protocol we are using for all phones is SCCP. I have two 7912 older phones that appear to be running SIP device protocol. The two phones are connected and are accesible via their IP address and webpage. Would any one know how I can change them

to SCCP so they can register and work on our network. I've added then deleted the phone making sure that I pick SCCP however, they never register. I've read on a similar post that I might need to TFTP into the phone and change the load, would any one be able to elaborate on this?




Re: 7912 SIP to SCCP conversion help

put the SCCP firmware image on an TFTP server, and make it available to the phone using the option 150 in your DHCP scope.

Manually change the SEP.cnf.xml file and change the firmware version in that file to the SCCp firmware file.

read this link, but reverse engineer it:

(as it describes how to go from SCCP to SIP)

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Re: 7912 SIP to SCCP conversion help

Thanks, ultimately I followed this document:

It took a couple of times I thought that the command would reboot the phone but, I had to do that manualy reboot. Once it did it started to download the new phone load. It says its for a 7940/7960 but it worked on my 7912 no problem.



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