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7920 phone in CCME

Hi all;

I hooked up 7920 phone to CCME system, and everything seemed OK, but when I pressed the menu then select directory, I only have three choices: Names, Add, and SpeedDial. it should have more options like placed calls, local directory, missed calls, ...... I assume it needs to be upgraded to new firmware. then I downloaded new firmware to CCME and restart the phone, but still it keeps the same old version of firmware.

I will be very appreciated if you send any suggestion.



Community Member

Re: 7920 phone in CCME

Check the load setting for the 7920. For my purposes it is

tftp-server flash:cmterm_7920.4.0-03-01.bin


load 7920 cmterm_7920.4.0-03-01

Run a debug tftp events. You should see something like this

Jan 17 04:17:03.218: TFTP: Opened system:/its/XMLDefault7920.cnf.xml, fd 0, size

851 for process 170

Jan 17 04:17:03.250: TFTP: Finished system:/its/XMLDefault7920.cnf.xml, time 00:

00:00 for process 170

Jan 17 04:17:03.274: TFTP: Looking for cmterm_7920.4.0-03-01.bin

Jan 17 04:17:03.350: TFTP: Opened flash:cmterm_7920.4.0-03-01.bin, fd 0, size 11

53124 for process 170

Jan 17 04:17:59.802: TFTP: Finished flash:cmterm_7920.4.0-03-01.bin, time 00:00:

56 for process 170

Hope it helps,


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Re: 7920 phone in CCME

Dear Jeff,

May I know that how to activate the personel speeddial, local directory on directory button, & ip phone service on service button.



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Re: 7920 phone in CCME


To my limited knowledge and experience, there is nothing special required on the 7920 for this to work. I only have CME 4.0+ though.

I do believe the 7920 needs firmware 2.0 or higher for the services and directories to work.

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Re: 7920 phone in CCME

Hi jeff;

the phone can register without any problem. I have upgraded firmware. but still there is one problem. sometime on the 7920 phone screen shows "External call (unknow ...)" and this messages is not released from phone screen, and all of sudden phone registers itself automatically.

thanks for your suggestion


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Re: 7920 phone in CCME

make sure that u make no tftp server to previous version of firmware tht is thr on ccme. and add for the new one

it worked for me hope same for u also.

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