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7921 phone no response

We have five 7921 phones. There is no problem if you keep using them , but all of them would lock up if you don't use for a while, for example 3 or 4 hours. We see all 7921 phones are dead every morning(beacuse nobody uses them in the evening). When it happens, there is no response at all. We have to pull off the battery to reset phones.

CCM 6.1a

Phone load:CP7921G-1.0.5LOADS

Thanks in advanced.


Re: 7921 phone no response

Hi Michael,

Interesting one, all 7921 in same area?

are they using the charger?

We may need to take a look at the phone traces,

Step 1 On the phone's web page, choose the Trace Settings hyperlink.

login admin/Cisco

Step 2 In the Number of Files field, choose the number of trace files to save, from 2 to 10.

Step 3 In the Remote Syslog Server area, check the box to enable a server to collect the trace files.

Step 4 If you enabled the syslog server, then you must complete these fields:

*IP Address-Enter server IP address

*Port-Enter a port number (514, 1024-65535)

Step 5 In the Module Trace Level area, check only the modules for which you want data:



*Call Control

*Network Services

*Security Subsystem

*User Interface


*Audio System


Step 6 In the Advanced Trace Settings area, in the Preserve Logs field, choose one of the following:

*True-Save the trace logs to flash memory on the phone.

*False-Save the trace logs to RAM.

You can use the Trace Logs area on the web page to view and manage trace files. System trace logs appear in a list on this page. You define how many messages are saved in the Trace Settings area. To view a trace log, click on the "Message.". The trace log appears in ASCII text. You can save the text file in a directory or on a disk to attach it here in the forum for troubleshooting purposes.

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Re: 7921 phone no response


Yes. All 7921 are in same area and are using the charger.

I am going to follow the procedure and post the trace.

New Member

Re: 7921 phone no response

Hi Gonzalo,

I can't change anything under the "Trace Settings". It looks like only showing the configuration. Any idea? Thanks.

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Re: 7921 phone no response


Did you find any resolution to your issue? We're having similar problems that are resolved by rebooting and/or removing and re-installing the battery!!


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Re: 7921 phone no response

It was kinda of QoS configuration in WLAN controller causing the problem. The issue was fixed after we we removed the QoS class configuration(Gold, Silver...). Hope this will help.


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Re: 7921 phone no response

I love it - you remind me of some TAC engineers that love to bombard you with requirements and then you don't even reply back to the original poster.

That sucks!


Re: 7921 phone no response


Which firmware and symtoms you are experiencing?


Re: 7921 phone no response

If issue is urgent you can always open a TAC case with us and increase priority as needed, this is just a forum, not official support.

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