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New Member

7931,CME4.2, Header Bar, ephone-dn description command?

I have a number of 7931 phones whose buttons are all configured to monitor (m) all line buttons except the primary extension on each phone which has a : in it's button command. This makes that line the auto-line selection for incoming and outgoing calls. On the ephone-dn for that "main line button" I have the description command which I THOUGHT would put the description text in the header bar of the 7931. Problem is it does NOT. The header bar still displays what ever the description is for the first line button on the 7931 and not the primary line of the phone. How do I get the description for the ephone-dn that I want to display on the header bar of the 7931? Anyone?

ephone 2

device-security-mode none

description GFP

mac-address 001B.D501.9868

ephone-template 14

username "gfp" password 1011

type 7931

button 1m34 2m33 3m32 4m31

button 5m30 6m29 7m28 8m27

button 9m26 10m25 11m24 12m23

button 13m22 14m21 15m20 16m19

button 17m18 18m17 19m16 20m15

button (21:14) 22w13

ephone-dn (14) dual-line

no call-waiting beep

number 1011

label GFP

description GFP **Does not Display in Header BAR, Line 1's description does**

name GFP

call-forward busy 6000

call-forward noan 6000 timeout 15

Thanks in advance,


New Member

Re: 7931,CME4.2, Header Bar, ephone-dn description command?

What you are seeing is expected behavior. The header bar displays the description from the first ephone-dn configured on the phone. If there is not a description, on that ephone-dn, then it displays the number assigned to the first ephone-dn.

I tested with a 7960 on CME 3.3 and its the same.

I would suggest that you put the primary extension as the first line and use the others for monitor.

Hope this helps,


New Member

Re: 7931,CME4.2, Header Bar, ephone-dn description command?


Thanks for going the extra yard by doing the testing, it's appreciated. The customer wanted all the 7931 paper ledgers on the right of the phones to have the exact same list on every phone so I am not able to make line 1 the primary extension without changing the order of the list on each phone. I just thought there might be a command that I didn't know about which could over ride this default line 1 behavior on the description command. Looks like there is not.


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Re: 7931,CME4.2, Header Bar, ephone-dn description command?


it is not a good idea to have the same order for all lines. This will force you to disable auto-line consequently the need to pres more buttons to operate the phone. Please try to explain your customer that the paper label can stay the same on all phones, excpet button 1 that will change from phone to phone and the corresponding line button will be unassigned.

It is always a bit funny when clients think they have better ideas than makers... although sometime they have.

Edit - whoops actuallit i think that if only one button is not monitor, you can still use auto-line no matter it's position.