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7940 has wrong ip address

i have a 7940 that will not register with ccm. this is a new office install so there are no other phones that work. the phone is stuck on "configuring cm list". the phone has worked in another office on a different subnet. i noticed during the boot process it says "opening" when the subnet is i released the dhcp address, erased config. i have the data netowrk working great. i think the issue is in the switch config - i'll attach config.

thanks in advance


Re: 7940 has wrong ip address

Happened to me already with same type of scenario where i moved the phone to a new location. however, mine was easily fixed by resetting the phone to factory defaults. if this as you say did not work, disable dhcp and set the phone with a static ip, manual gateway etc.

if that works, then set back to DHCP.

Hope this at least helps

New Member

Re: 7940 has wrong ip address

i figured it out - it appears i left out some dhcp config (default-router x.x.x.x). i also enabled cdp on the phone vlan interface.

thanks for the reply!

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