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7940 phone hangs during startup

I've got three 7940 phones loaded with P00308000400, connected to a 2651XM router with cme 4.03 and I occasionally get a problem starting one or more of them up in that the startup hangs at 'Configuring IP', and when it's stuck there the display briefly flickers 'Configuring CM List' every three seconds or so. I've been through the phone settings over and over, I can't alter or hard code anything because no buttons on the display allow me to, and the phone is hung midway during the boot anyway. I've cleared the dhcp bindings in the router, factory reset the phone, reloaded the router but still the phone hangs. When I press settings/network config I do see an IP address but I also see 'DHCP Address Released NO'. How can I change this to YES? When I watch the phone bootup in wireshark there are lots of repeating dhcp requests and acks but the phone is still stuck. Thanks for any help.


Re: 7940 phone hangs during startup

In the packet capture see if this pulls up anything:

udp.port == 69

If it does, it's trying to register to CME. Problem is with CME config.

If that doesn't work, try pressing **# then:

Set Alternate TFTP -> TRUE

Set TFTP server to your CME source interface

If this fixes it, it's a problem with option 150.

If that doesn't work:

Go to settings, then press **#

Set DHCP Enabled -> False

Set the IP address, default gateway, subnet mask, and TFTP server manually.

If this fixes it, it's a problem with your DHCP settings.

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