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7940 Speaker Choppy Voice

Hi all ,

we have some people with 7940 when they make the call on speaker the voice become a choppy like that --- --- --- - --- not distrorted nor crinkled .

im some how skeptic about the inline power of the switch (3560) cause the complain comes from a specific area .

i use callmanager 4.1.3 ,g711


Re: 7940 Speaker Choppy Voice

Choppy voice would imply that your voice packets are either being delay or dropped, and as it is only affecting IP Phones for a specific area then the 3560 is obviously the common factor.

Ensure that you have configured your QoS trust-boundary correctly between you IP Phones, Access and Core Layer.

It is possible that your rtp packets are being marked incorrectly, if they are not trusted correctly rtp could be remarked with 0 thus being treated as best-effort.

Also check for line integrity between your core and access layer switch for phyiscal issues.

You could possibly narrow down the fault domain by determining which calls are affected.

Are calls between IP PHones on the same switch ok?

Are calls between an IP Phone connected to suspected 3560 an a different access switch ok?

Are external calls to an IP Phone connected on the 3560 affected by choppy voice?

In summary if your calls between IP Phones which are connected to the same 3560 are not choppy, then it is probably the link between your access-layer and core/distribution switch?



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Re: 7940 Speaker Choppy Voice

all you asked would be applicable if there is a problem with the call , but its just happens with SPEAKER not handset .

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Re: 7940 Speaker Choppy Voice


I know this is an older post and I may not get a response....

I am having the exact problem as described with one of my locations. We have a 3560 with QOS in place going to 20 cisco 7940's.

About 3 months ago inbound and outbound calls from one location are getting "choppy' anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes into the call. All of are other locations have no problems. If we call to are other locations within the domain we have no problem either. I have checked the switch for any errors and do not see anything. We do not have any internet issues as well. everything runs to a server farm at a seperate location. I was hoping you might be able to help me with this or lead me in the right direction.