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7940 with call manager 7.0

We are getting ready to upgrade to call manager 7.0 from 4.0.

I am trying to decide if I need to upgrade my phones, the current ones are 7940's. I seem to remember reading that certain features do not work with the 7940.

We wish to give managers the abilty to monitor and record employee calls. I am positive I read somewhere that this will not work with the older 7940 and that I needed at least a 7941 or 42.

Any information on differences and reasons I may wish to upgrade the phones will be helpful.

Thanks in advance


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Re: 7940 with call manager 7.0

Actually since most of the recording product do not care what phone model is used as they simply snoop rtp, I think you can use 7940s as well.

Perhaps you where referring to "liverecord" feature of CUE, but I don't remember seeing a limitation for that as well.

Hope this helps, please rate post if it does!

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Re: 7940 with call manager 7.0

I found what I was reading

Call monitoring in Unified Communications Manager Release 7.0(1) is supported by all 3rd-generation

phones (Cisco Unified IP Phone 7911G, 7931G, ,7941G, 7941G-GE, 7961G, 7961G-GE, 7970G, and

7971G-GE models).

The link is

I am not going to be the one to install this. It is above my skill set, but i do need to make sure it works. I would welcome everyones thoughts so I can make an informed decision.

Cisco Employee

Re: 7940 with call manager 7.0


Here are the data sheets for the different models, with information about the specs and some features available in the different models.


As Paolo noted (+5 for you), the type of recording and monitoring you use might not care about the type of phone in use. Legacy monitoring methods for example that use port spanning mechanisms would support the phones you currently have.

If what you have in mind is the new method introduced in CUCM 7.x that uses the built-in-bridge, then you will need the third generation phone models like the 7941G. This is documented here:


Hope this helps.



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Re: 7940 with call manager 7.0

Honestly I had not seen this features, seems great. Reasonably doesn't work with older phones.

Thanks for the appreciation Michael that is mutual.

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Re: 7940 with call manager 7.0

The feature guide the link points to is perfect. It lists hardware requirments for each feature. That is excactly what I needed. Thanks for the help.

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