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7940 with P003E302 Load

I've tryed flashing this Skinny version with SIP (tryed 6,7,8 revisions) and all seemed to fail. I even tryed updating to a SCCP version which will support a SIP POS load (Cisco Matrix PDF) and it wouldnt take that load either. Are any of you familuar with this load, and reasons why I cant convert this unit to SIP. The phone sends a request for POS3-08-7-00.bin which is on my TFTP server, then stalls with the phone display stating "Defaulting CM Address to TFTP Server Address" Any thoughts? All the files on the TFTP server are correct, as I've performed previous upgrades with this version of SIP firmware, just a different SCCP version. Thanks

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Re: 7940 with P003E302 Load

Hi,can you try progressively upload to sccp recent, before moving to sip, the current load is very old and probably needs progressive updates.

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Re: 7940 with P003E302 Load

Hi Cory,

I have to agree with Paolo here :) (good stuff Paolo my friend, 5 points for you!) I remembered going over this issue some time ago and this was the result;

Converting a Cisco 7940/7960 CallManager Phone to a SIP Phone and the Reverse Process

Also have a look at this older thread where Mohammed indicates the need for the multiple step approach. Here is a clip;

"Cisco IP phones with SCCP image (3.X) and I need to covert them to the latest SIP image (8.X), i found out that i can't do it in one step, i must go from 3.X to 5.x then to 7.x then to 8.X"

Hope this helps!


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Re: 7940 with P003E302 Load

Rob, something I'd like that you was to disagree with me for a change :)

5 points to you for expanding the full story behind my short answer!

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