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New Member

7940g application load error

Hi guys


I've recently purchased a 7940 ip phone of ebay in the hopes to familiarise myself with voice. Now i have been tinkering with various things but im still very much a newbie when it comes to telephony so please try and explain as much as possible it would help us all.


Now my problem is that when i plugged the phone in and connected it to my network the phone fails to boot and always has the error application load error, i plugged the phone into my pc and setup a tftp to see what files it was requesting from the server. the phone tries to request the following files









after doing some reading im under the impression the phone should ask for either MGC, SIP or a SEP cnf file.


so my question is

does the phone require new firmware loading onto it 

how do i go about changing the firmware 


Again i am a newbie so please go easy, just a nudge a right direction and i should be able to sort the issue.


thanks in advance 



Cisco Employee

Hi Josh,There are quite a few

Hi Josh,

There are quite a few articles on the internet related to this, please check the one below

Let me know if it helps.


New Member

Thanks for the response

Thanks for the response Manish


this guide will help me out a lot 




Also Josh, in regards to this

Also Josh, in regards to this question:

"after doing some reading im under the impression the phone should ask for either MGC, SIP or a SEP cnf file."

The phone knows its mac address and knows that its hostname will be either SEP+mac, SIP+mac, or MGC+mac based on the protocol (SCCP/Skinny, SIP, or MGCP respectively). So it searches for a config file sequentially until it finds one. Just so you know what's going on there.




Welcome to the world of VoIP

Welcome to the world of VoIP.

Your phone will need to connect to something in order to get the files it needs.  It will need to know where to go to get them.  Normally in a voice environment, the DHCP server provides the IP address of the TFTP server using Option 150.

Most Cisco phones are used with a Cisco CallManager (server based) environment, or CallManager Express (router based) environment.  The TFTP address is normally the address of one of these devices that is also hosting the TFTP services.

So the question would be:


1.  Are you running CallManager, CallManager Express (CME), or something else?  If something else, then what?

2.  Did you set up an option 150 in DHCP for the phone?  If not, did you manually assign the TFTP address on the phone itself?

Answer those two questions, and we can figure out the next steps.




New Member

Hi Cliff Thanks for the

Hi Cliff


Thanks for the response, i have router setup with CME and i have a MS server providing DHCP, i have also added option 150 to the voice pool.



In CME, your CME

In CME, your CME configuration will define which load, and you'll also need to have the firmware loaded onto the router flash and configured for TFTP.  In my case, this is what's in my config that makes it work.  As long as the option 150 ip address (and option 150 must be defined as an IP array), this will work provided the appropriate loads referenced are present on the router flash:

tftp-server flash:P00308000400.bin
tftp-server flash:P00308000400.loads
tftp-server flash:P00308000400.sb2
tftp-server flash:P00308000400.sbn

 load 7960-7940 P00308000400
 max-ephones 40
 max-dn 200
 ip source-address port 2000



New Member

How do i know which file i

How do i know which file i will need to put on the router, i cant load the phone because it stalls on application load error and while its booting i cant access settings. 


would i be able to just put any firmware into the router and the phone would load that whats on the router, so it'd bypass the firmware on the phone and load the firmware the router tells the phone to load.

You would need firmware that

You would need firmware that is appropriate for your phone, and for the version of CME you are running.  You can download what you need off CCO if you have access (get the firmware in the zip file format, unzip it, and put it on the router flash).  Do not attempt to load something on the phone that is not appropriate for it (i.e. wrong model) as you can permanently damage the phone.




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