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7941 Calling Name ID Display Too Long

Enabled Calling Name ID on PRI, and it works great. The only problem is the way the display works on the 7941/7961, the calling name gets cut-off on the screen. So if for example the calling name is "MONTGOMERY AL", when it comes up on the 7941 display, it'll show as something like "01 FROM MONTGOME...". If you go to the "missed calls" directory, it shows full length, so the information is being delivered.

Is there any way to tweak this display behavior on the phone?



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Re: 7941 Calling Name ID Display Too Long

I'm not sure if this is the answer you are looking for. But this setting is handled by the Line properties of the phone within Call Manager. You can change it in there. But you can not do anything about CCM truncating it. If the name is too long, that is what it will show you.

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Re: 7941 Calling Name ID Display Too Long

Yeah, unfortunately that's what I'm assuming. The only way to fix this would be to have smaller characters (which I'm assuming isn't an option) or remove the stuff in front of it so there's room for the whole name. I'm guessing neither is doable, but I'm trying to be more positive about things in the new year. So I figured it was worth throwing out there in case somebody had figured a way around it.

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