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7941g phone registration issue

Hello - I am getting a registration error when attempting to register a batch of phones. The new phones we have are 7941G V2 phones. We just registered several phones of the same type and version number without any issue. our auto registration range (which is enabled) is 1400-1499. The first batch of phones registered fine this morning, but the second batch are not working. I am getting a registration rejected: security error message. We are using cucm 7.1.5. I have verified that there are free auto registration numbers available. Usually when they boot for the first time they grab an auto registration number (14xx), grab the updates etc, and finally boot. The second batch are grabbing 20xx and 21xx numbers for some reason... I can't seem to figure out why; we have licenses available so that isn't an issue, and registration numbers available... I have even set up a tftp server on my laptop to upgraded to the latest firmware and load, but that didn't help either.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!!


Re: 7941g phone registration issue

Joel, I think you said the magic words: "upgraded to the latest firmware and load".

Are you aware of the Cisco phone two-step firmware upgrade requirement?  Basically if your phones have firmware version 8.3(3) or earlier you must upgrade to 8.5(2) before going to 8.5(3) or later.  It's a pain in the butt and hopefully Cisco will start shipping phones with at least 8.5(2) to fix the problem but so far we just have to deal with it.  Release notes here:

EDIT:  I just re-read your initial post and I can't figure out why the first batch would go and the second batch wouldn't.  Are they all new phones, right out of the box?

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