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7942 Factory Reset


I have performed a factory reset of a 7942 running 903 firmware.

However upon boot it now hangs on upgrading and does not seem to do anything

I have checked that the term42.default.loads and all its references files are on the tftp server

DHCP is working fine on this network port as I can plug in an operation phone.

Any ideas?


Cisco Employee

Re: 7942 Factory Reset

Are you sending option 150 to the phone in the DHCP Offer.?

option 150 tells the phone where the TFTP server is.

Cisco Employee

Re: 7942 Factory Reset

On a cisco router this is how you set option 150

ip dhcp pool VLANX

option 150 ip

Add that piece of config to your cisco router and the router will sent option 150 with dhcp offers.!

Depending on your DHCP server the method to specify option 150 might differ.

New Member

Re: 7942 Factory Reset

Thanks for the response

DHCP is provided by MS DHCP server

I can plug a brand new out of the box phone into the same ethernet port and it works fine and gets its 150 from the MS DHCP server.

Cisco Employee

Re: 7942 Factory Reset

Is your problem solved?

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