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New Member

7942 Phone Update

I am trying to take my 7942 to the lastest firmware and get the following failure messages I am using 5.1.3f

DBG 18:34:48.666591 TLoad: (ser)result_file_open
NOT 18:34:48.667088 TLoad: TLOAD main thread startup version 2.0 (03.13A)
NOT 18:34:48.673207 TLoad: Making tftp request to Svr0 -->
NOT 18:34:48.681210 TFTP: [15]:Requesting SCCP42.8-5-4S.loads from
NOT 18:34:48.684071 TFTP: [15]:Finished --> rcvd 670 bytes
NOT 18:34:48.685406 TLoad: caught child signal
NOT 18:34:48.685952 TLoad: TFTP/HTTP reported status = 0
CRT 18:34:48.691858 TLoad: cmd->arg after doXXread is 0
NOT 18:34:48.692464 TLoad: UT:RX Xfer Thrd signal onNotify and authent
NOT 18:34:48.693025 TLoad: XID08002198 Notify xfr complete (auth)
NOT 18:34:48.699062 TLoad: Authenticating loaded file /dnld/SCCP42.8-5-4S.loads
NOT 18:34:49.420150 IMG_AUTH: verify: verifying, /dnld/SCCP42.8-5-4S.loads
NOT 18:34:49.420989 IMG_AUTH: verify: verify with current RELEASE 7942 (built-in) key
WRN 18:34:49.436666 IMG_AUTH: verifySignedFile(): has future timestamp <2367306567>, current <1263321289>
ERR 18:34:49.437495 IMG_AUTH: verifySignedFile(): file hash doesn't match hash in sig
ERR 18:34:49.438109 IMG_AUTH: verify: *** verify with current RELEASE 7942 (built-in) key failed ***
WRN 18:34:49.438671 IMG_AUTH: verify: *** no previous RELEASE platform key ***
ERR 18:34:49.438843 IMG_AUTH: verify: *** verify FAILED *** /dnld/SCCP42.8-5-4S.loads
ERR 18:34:49.439118 TLoad: imgAuth_vfy: ERROR: code 132: signature decryption/verification failed
ERR 18:34:49.440234 TLoad: Authentication *** FAILED *** code <132><-1>
NOT 18:34:49.440502 TLoad: @@@HERR /dnld/SCCP42.8-5-4S.loads Notify xfr error 20
NOT 18:34:49.440659 TLoad: UT:yetToDo set to 0 (TSTATE_ERROR)
NOT 18:34:49.446236 TLoad: @@@HEXIT:DLOAD EXIT UNMOUNT
NOT 18:34:49.448591 SYSMSG: pid 23 (/sbin/dload) Normal Exit, status = 20
INF 18:34:49.448624           runtime = 0.810 secs

New Member

Re: 7942 Phone Update


It sounds like the problem we experienced back in December, where you cannot upgrade directly to 8.5.3 from some older firmwares.

See for the details.

You will probably have to upgrade in a couple of stages to go to 8.5.3

We have made the decision to stay with 8.5.2 until the new phones coming in are at a firmware level able to upgrade directly.



New Member

Re: 7942 Phone Update

Hi Alistair,

Many thanks for that, 8.5.2 has worked and I may well stay on that version also.


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