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Cisco Employee

7945 phones not upgrading/working


I have a customer that just recently have purchased a few 7945 phones - they have never had any 7945 phones installed on CM earlier. They do however have 7940 and 7941 phones, which are working.


My customer factory reset the phones, and they are now stuck in the boot state. Both phones are downloading term45.default.loads file then going into a blank state. Phones are repeating this behaviour every 2-3 min. They are not upgrading.


I have tried to load the following software ( to make sure i have used all compatible software)

SIP45.8-3-4SR1S.loads /
SIP45.8-3-5S.loads /
SIP45.8-4-1S.loads /
SIP45.8-5-2S.loads /
SIP45.9-2-1S.loads /
SCCP45.8-3-3S.loads /
SCCP45.8-5-2S.loads /
SCCP45.8-5-4S.loads /
SCCP45.9-2-1S.loads /
SCCP45.9-2-1SR2S.loads /

I can see in the TFTP, that the IP Phones are doing requests towards it 

Logs from cucm TFTP server:

Line 6244: 11:23:32.049 |   TID[97bb6b90] HTTPEngine::acceptConnect(), [0x9e0af10], socket(63) accept() success, Socket(17), RemoteIP(<dummyip>), Port(50079)
    Line 6248: 11:23:32.049 |-->TID[a39b6b90] CReqContext::HTTPProxyRun(), [0x9e0af10~12~<dummyip>~50079] 
    Line 6249: 11:23:32.049 |-->TID[a39b6b90] HTTPEngine::getRequest(), [0x9e0af10~12~<dummyip>~50079] 
    Line 6252: 11:23:32.049 |TID[a39b6b90] HTTPEngine::readRequest(), [0x9e0af10~12~<dummyip>~50079], socket(17), received size[66]
    Line 6253: 11:23:32.049 |   TID[a39b6b90] HTTPEngine::getRequest(), [0x9e0af10~12~<dummyip>~50079] socket(17), ReqTimeout[0], Request[GET /term45.default.loads HTTP/1.1
    Line 6255: 11:23:32.049 |   TID[a39b6b90] HTTPEngine::getRequest(), [0x9e0af10~12~<dummyip>~50079] File Requested term45.default.loads
    Line 6256: 11:23:32.049 |<--TID[a39b6b90] HTTPEngine::getRequest(), [0x9e0af10~12~<dummyip>~50079] 
    Line 6257: 11:23:32.049 |-->CReqContext::tftp[0x9e0af10~12~<dummyip>~50079] 
    Line 6260: 11:23:32.049 |CReqContext::FindAndServe(1)[0x9e0af10~12~<dummyip>~50079],Ignoring Case, Requested[term45.default.loads], Served[term45.default.loads]
    Line 6261: 11:23:32.049 |CReqContext::GetName[0x9e0af10~12~<dummyip>~50079] = Path[/usr/local/cm/tftp/term45.default.loads]
    Line 6262: 11:23:32.049 |CReqContext::FindAndServe(1)[0x9e0af10~12~<dummyip>~50079], File[term45.default.loads], Code(0), m_fd(18), m_cachePtr((nil)), m_dynBufPtr((nil)), m_dynBufLen(0)
    Line 6263: 11:23:32.049 |-->CReqContext::serve[0x9e0af10~12~<dummyip>~50079] 
    Line 6264: 11:23:32.049 |-->CSendBuffer::Init[0x9e0af10~12~<dummyip>~50079] 
    Line 6265: 11:23:32.049 |<--CSendBuffer::Init[0x9e0af10~12~<dummyip>~50079] 
    Line 6266: 11:23:32.049 |-->HTTPEngine::sendResponse[0x9e0af10~12~<dummyip>~50079] 
    Line 6267: 11:23:32.049 |   HTTPEngine::sendResponse[0x9e0af10~12~<dummyip>~50079] FileName[term45.default.loads], Version[HTTP/1.1], Size[642]
    Line 6268: 11:23:32.049 |   HTTPEngine::sendResponse[0x9e0af10~12~<dummyip>~50079] [59][HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    Line 6273: 11:23:32.049 |-->HTTPEngine::sendMessage[0x9e0af10~12~<dummyip>~50079] 
    Line 6274: 11:23:32.049 |   HTTPEngine::sendMessage[0x9e0af10~12~<dummyip>~50079] Socket[17], Length[59]
    Line 6275: 11:23:32.049 |   HTTPEngine::sendMessage[0x9e0af10~12~<dummyip>~50079] Send Complete, Size[59], Sent[59]
    Line 6276: 11:23:32.049 |<--HTTPEngine::sendMessage[0x9e0af10~12~<dummyip>~50079] 
    Line 6277: 11:23:32.049 |   HTTPEngine::sendResponse[0x9e0af10~12~<dummyip>~50079] sendfile() Sent[642], Requested[642]
    Line 6278: 11:23:32.049 |<--HTTPEngine::sendResponse[0x9e0af10~12~<dummyip>~50079] 
    Line 6279: 11:23:32.049 |<--CReqContext::serve[0x9e0af10~12~<dummyip>~50079] 
    Line 6280: 11:23:32.049 |<--CReqContext::tftp[0x9e0af10~12~<dummyip>~50079] 


CDP from switchport:

Entry address(es): 
  IP address: <dummyip>
Platform: Cisco IP Phone 7945, Capabilities: Host Phone 
Interface: FastEthernet1/0/28, Port ID (outgoing port): Port 1
Holdtime : 139 sec

Version :

advertisement version: 2
Duplex: full
Power drawn: 12.000 Watts
Power request id: 65275, Power management id: 3
Power request levels are:12000 0 0 0 0 
Management address(es): 


Any idea on what to do next?  I have also restarted the cucm cluster with no luck.




Could you try following

Could you try following recovery procedure:



HTH, Dragan
Cisco Employee

Hi all,  this issue were

Hi all, 


this issue were caused by phones shipped required newest software version available from



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