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7960 doesn't act like it's on the network

Our main receptionist phone is not receiving calls. When you call the number it goes straight to vm, like the phone isn't on the network. (Internal and External)Certain features on the phone itself aren't working, like "CFwdAll" you press this button and it immediately hangs up on the call/feature. I have switched the phone out completely and the issue follows the phone. I have deleted the phone including its ext recreated it and it still goes to VM and certain features don't work. Any ideas or thoughts on what might be causing this issue?

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Re: 7960 doesn't act like it's on the network

I'll assume we aren't talking about a call into a Unity Callhandler that is set to 'attempt to transfer' to a subscriber, and the subscriber account's transfer rule is set to 'play subscriber's greeting'?

Try using a known-good IP phone and swap the MAC addresses with the receptionist phone. Does the same thing happen?

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Re: 7960 doesn't act like it's on the network

I have used a known good IP phone. One thing I have noticed is, If I changed the number on the phone to something new, then the phone works fine, internal and external. We are not using a Call Handler, this is a DID from the PSTN, the last 4 digits of the phone ext are the last 4 of the DID.

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Re: 7960 doesn't act like it's on the network

Hi Daniel,

This is an "odd" one isn't it! Can you try the following;

You might be running into this "Unassigned DN" issue. Have a look;

CallManager 4.x: Delete Unassigned Directory Numbers Configuration Example

Cisco CallManager 4.x has a new concept called Unassigned Directory Numbers (DNs). When a DN gets removed/updated from a device or a phone gets deleted, the associated DNs are not removed from the Cisco CallManager database as in earlier versions. They still exist in the Cisco CallManager database as Unassigned DNs. You can see a list of DNs that are not associated with phones in the Route Plan Report menu option.

Note: In Cisco CallManager releases earlier than 4.0, DNs were automatically deleted when a device was deleted. Because line group support is a feature of Cisco CallManager Release 4.x, keeping unassigned DNs is a requirement.

From this good doc;

Hope this helps!


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