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7960 - Use outside of internal network


My friend has a 7960 phone that he would like to use outside of the Cisco intranet. I am of the opinion that this cant be done without an ECT router.

Is it possible to configure the phone :

1. To use the same Cisco office number by configuring his phone via a broadband or DSL router ?

2. If #1 is not possible, To use the same Cisco office number and the call manager that he uses at office by VPN through his office laptop?

3. If the Cisco office number is not possible, can he use it to work as a hard phone for a softphone like callcentric?

If this is possible, Can you give some instructions so that he can do this?


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Re: 7960 - Use outside of internal network

Who should really post these questions, it the administrator of the phone system and network in general.

If he/she wants, everything is possible.

If he/she does not want, nothing is possible.

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Re: 7960 - Use outside of internal network

It looks like you are talking about registering an IP phone to the corporate Cisco CM cluster.  This is not the channel for you to ask this.  You should use internal channels in Cisco or open an IT case for these questions.

The short answer is you need to be VPN'd into the network (which would only be supported with an issued ECT router or via the VPN client running on a PC).  From there, if the IP phone is behind the tunnel, you can get it added to the CM cluster as another phone with your DN (it will be a shared line).  Or you can get them to add a CIPC instance, so that if your computer is behind the tunnel, you can use that.

No clue why you mentioned callcentric.  That's a third party SIP service, and would work for inbound/outbound calls, but wouldn't give you access to corporate DNs, voicemail, etc.

Closing this thread, though, since this is not grounds for an external discussion.

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