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7961 Phone stuck on "Configuring IP"

We have a phone system that is hosted and maintained by a third party vendor. We have approximately 100+ phones across 4 physical locations, they are all the 7961 models(We are upgrading in 2014).

A single phone has been having a issue where it will work 90% of the time, at a random moment the phone will start to register, update CTl etc and then begin to configure IP which could last anywhere up to 4 hours. This problem is random at could happen twice in a week or just twice in a month. I have reached out to the company hosting the system - at their request I have done the following:

1. Change/move cable to a different port on the switch

2. Change the cable from the phone to the wall and change wall jack port

3. Replace the phone

None of these have solved the issue. I know the phones are old but its strange how it is this one phone that is repeatedly having the issue. All the networks configurations are correct. The only way to get the phone back up and running is to unplug it a few times and hope that is stops configuring.

Anybody ever come across this before?


Just a further update..after rebooting the phone this morning it has been stuck in "Registering" mode for the lat 2 hours. I can see on CUCM that the phone has an IP address but is showing as "unregistered". Looking at the phone itself it has the correct DHCP server,TFTP server, IP address etc

New Member

7961 Phone stuck on "Configuring IP"

Hi John,

Did you try a hard reset of this phone ?

unplug power cable, #, plug cable, wait for amber lights next to button, then 123456789*0#

Best Regards,


New Member

7961 Phone stuck on "Configuring IP"

Thanks Gregory,

I have not done a reset of the phone yet. I will try that next - I was also thinking of manually settings the IP address but I don't know if this would help...from my previous comment I could see that even in "registering" mode the phone got an IP address but showed unregistered on the CUCM.

Would any of the staus or debug messages be of use, I can attach them to my post.

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