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7965 phone hard reset

I have an issue with a particular phone on this model, somebody made a hard reset on it, and now it doesn't register with the UC.

Please if somebody can help me out with this. Here is some information about the phone and UC560:

Phone Model = 7965G.

Gateway = UC560-FXO-K9, Version 15.0(1)XA

Some related files in flash:

32               0 Oct 21 2011 08:54:54 phones/7945_7965

33     2935993 Oct 21 2011 08:55:06 phones/7945_7965/apps45.8-5-3TH1-6.sbn

34       524969 Oct 21 2011 08:55:08 phones/7945_7965/cnu45.8-5-3TH1-6.sbn

35     2100804 Oct 21 2011 08:55:18 phones/7945_7965/cvm45sccp.8-5-3TH1-6.sbn

36       340615 Oct 21 2011 08:55:20 phones/7945_7965/dsp45.8-5-3TH1-6.sbn

37     1882934 Oct 21 2011 08:55:28 phones/7945_7965/jar45sccp.8-5-3TH1-6.sbn

38             650 Oct 21 2011 08:55:30 phones/7945_7965/SCCP45.8-5-3S.loads

39             654 Dec 07 2011 20:59:14 phones/7945_7965/term45.default.loads

40             654 Dec 07 2011 20:59:16 phones/7945_7965/term65.default.loads

41     2936005 Dec 07 2011 20:58:16 phones/7945_7965/apps45.8-5-4TH1-6.sbn

42       525007 Dec 07 2011 20:58:22 phones/7945_7965/cnu45.8-5-4TH1-6.sbn

43      2103813 Dec 07 2011 20:58:48 phones/7945_7965/cvm45sccp.8-5-4TH1-6.sbn

44        342219 Dec 07 2011 20:58:52 phones/7945_7965/dsp45.8-5-4TH1-6.sbn

45      1882934 Dec 07 2011 20:59:14 phones/7945_7965/jar45sccp.8-5-4TH1-6.sbn

46             650 Dec 07 2011 20:59:14 phones/7945_7965/SCCP45.8-5-4S.loads

When I connect the phone:

1: A blue screen appears, then  the Cisco Systems Inc logo, then the same logo with some boxes in 3 lines.

- The upper line has three boxes in blank (to small square boxes at the begining and end, and a long box in the middle).

- The middle line has one box that says "Upgrading"

- The bottom line has 3 boxes:

      - a small sqare with two arrows pointin to the right and left.

      - a long box with the phone MAC address.

      - and a blank box.

2. After a while, the messages in the boxes change as follows:

- Boxes in the upper line:

      - an arrow pointing down.

      - the message term65.default

      - blank

- Boxes in the mid line:

      - Upgrading.

- Boxes in the bottom line:

      - the first one contains a check simbol.

      - "term65.default".

      - 0%

3. The "Upgrading" message quickly changes to "Auth Fail", then flashes once and repeats the two messages ("Upgrading" and "Auth Fail").

4. The Phone goes to the "Cisco Systems Inc" logo for a long time (like 1 or 2 minutes).

5. The phone reboots and start all over again.

Im also using Cisco Configuration Assistant and noticed that in Maintenance -> Phone Load Management, the 7945_7965 is unchecked under the "Delete Phone Loads" Tab. Does it means that the Phone Load is not present? (cause it shows up in the flash memory). Or is it that I can't erase it cause there are other similar phones.

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7965 phone hard reset

Something I forgot to tell:

- The phone is aquiring a DHCP IP address as I see it with the "show ip dhcp binding" in the UC560.

- Also, the DHCP options 150 and 66 are configured, pointing to the gateway as the TFTP Server.

- There are other phones (7945, 7965 and 7937) already running without problems.

New Member

7965 phone hard reset

Hola Ricardo:

I do have the same problem and I do not know how to fix it. Did you get any help? Is there a way to update firmware from CCA for this specific phone?



7965 phone hard reset


Paolo, sorry for not grading the answer before.

Hermann,  I do remember having solved the problem a long time ago, unfortunately,  I no longer have access to those devices since I've moved to another  company, but if remember well (I hope I'm not mixing issues here), the  thing was that upgrading from some specific firmware version to a much  more recent one was not possible (lets say from version 1 to version 3),  it was necessary to do an intermediary upgrade, i.e. from version 1 to  2, and then that version 2 can upgrade to 3. What happened was that  after the hard reset, the phone went with the oldest version it could,  and then it was not able to upgrade nor register with the UC, which was  with a more newer version.

Hope it helps.

New Member

7965 phone hard reset

If your UC is putting out ver 9.1.1 for example and the phone isn't past 8.5.2 it will get into a boot loop of upgrading and have an issue. (they changed the bootloader in 8.5.3)

I found this document which helped me get a couple phones past this issue and fixed my problem...

Basically you make a PC a DHCP and TFTP server and load it up to 8.5.2, and once that is done, then you can plug it into your UC and have it load it up to 9.1.1 or whatever you are running.

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