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7970 Maxmimum displayed digits problem


I appreciate the help in the below issues:

1- The 7970 is only displaying 11 digits. However, when the user dials he dials 9 + 1 + 3 digiti area code + 7 digit phone number. This means a total of 12 digits. The phone is displaying up to 11 digits only and the last one is not displayed. Any ideas?

2- Operator phone: I have configured same extension as hunt. So if line one with extension 0 is busy it goes to line 2 with extension 0 and so forth until it is sent to the voice mail. The problem is if she is speaking with a person on the first line and the second line rings the phone does not ring and she does not know if she has another call unless she looks at the screen. Is there a way to let the phone ring even when the operator is speaking on the first line?

Appreciate any help,


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Re: 7970 Maxmimum displayed digits problem

for (1), I think that if you configure "no digit-strip" in the POTS dialpeer, and then configure a voice translation-rule to strip "9", the called number should display without "9".

Eg. rule 1 /^9/ //

for (2), it should be "call-waiting ring" under ephone-dn, but to better understand how you are using the hunt and the potential pitfalls, please post the relevant configuration.

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Re: 7970 Maxmimum displayed digits problem

I may need to correct myself on issue (1), but not having a 7970 handy I can't check this out:

- If the problem happens while composing the number, my suggestion won't help.

- On the other hand, if it happens after connection, my suggestion should help.

Re: 7970 Maxmimum displayed digits problem

Is this a MGCP or H323 gateway ?

Is this CCM or CME ?

IF you are stripping the 9 before sending it to router, the 9 will be stripped and only last 11 digits should be displayed. Looks like you are having an issue where the last digit is not displayed. So are you saying if the number dialed is 9+1+2142221110, you are seeing 91214222111 and the 0 is not shown ?

If the phone is registered to callmanager, you can tell under each line, what the ring setting of busy station should be. Change it from Beep only to Ring once, or to keep it ringing all the time.

If its CME, Paolo's suggestion to enable call-waiting ring should work.


Re: 7970 Maxmimum displayed digits problem

Thanks for the above replies. I guess if use Paolo's suggestion for the busy issue it would solve the problem. However, the operator has four lines. Let's say the first line is busy and second channel also got busy. Therefoe, the call will jump to Line 2, will line 2 ring or not?

The second problem is as you described if he dials 9+1+2142221110 the router is accepting the all the digits but is not displaying the "0" on the screen. Therefore, the user thinks he didn't really dial the zero.

Waiting for suggestion as this is the only issue now due,

Thanks again,


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Re: 7970 Maxmimum displayed digits problem


unfortunately I'm physically away from my installations and can't verify this in practice.

I wanted to confirm that number length issue exists also in the latest 7970 firmware.

Hope someone else can help better.