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7970 SRST IP Address


I have configured SRST on a remote site using cucm 6.

The phones on the remote site are on a different LAN segment to the gateway.

when I look on the phone at the Call manage config it shows the 2 subscribers with their correct addresses but under the SRST entry the IP address is that of the default gateway NOT the address of the SRST router.

Is this what you would expect to see ? I have not entered this address in any part of the config so how/why is it picking it up.

If I fail the WAN the SRST router does not see any packets from the Phone

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Re: 7970 SRST IP Address

In Call Manager the SRST entry has to be configured mannually. It must be the IP address of the interface from which the Phones in SRST mode are expecting their signalling from. When the WAN fails the phones will try to communicate via this IP address. This does not have to be the default gateway however there must be a route to this IP address.

You may try to change the IP address unders SRST configuration in Call Manager and reset the phones to pick the correct IP address for SRST. Then try to fail the WAN and see how it goes.


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Re: 7970 SRST IP Address


Thanks for the reply

If you are referring to the IP address in the SRST profile in CUCM this is the Gig ethernet interface of the SRST router not the default gateway on the LAN.

as I say, I can't see how or why its picking up this address as I have not put this address anywhere in the SRST Config.

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