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79xx IP Phone configuration files

Where are the configuration files stored on the Cisco IP phones (7900 series)? We are plugging into another vendor's switch and we would like to change the VLAN assignments. It can be done manually on the phone, but this means visiting every phone.


Re: 79xx IP Phone configuration files

AFAIK, this is not stored in any configuration file on CM, TFTP Server. You will need to manually changes this on the Phone as it is locally stored in the phone's flash

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Re: 79xx IP Phone configuration files

Cisco IP Phone does not store any configuration. When phone boots up, it sends DHCP request, and DHCP server provides the phone with IP address of TFTP server. Then phone sends requests to TFTP server for configuration files (not only "individual" configuration for one particular phone, but "common" configuration files as well). This includes firmware updates.

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Headset Adapters for Cisco IP Phones

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Re: 79xx IP Phone configuration files

CDP is the only documented way of automating this I have found. Do check with the switch manufacturer as I know a few of the bigger ones have started to build in basic CDP for stuff like this in the latest firmware.

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