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8831 Wireless Mic Issue



has anyone seen any issues with the wireless mics paired with an 8831 unpairing themselves spontaneously?   I just had that happen and it took several tries to get them paired again.  Hoping this was a fluke and not happening on a regular basis.



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Sorry, I have not had that

Sorry, I have not had that issue. We have a pair of wireless mics but don't use them because as soon as we pair them, we notice a degradation in sound quality (choppy voice mostly). We opened a TAC case on it and were told it must be some sort of interference from our wireless lan.

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 Hello Joshua, Did TAC eng.


Hello Joshua,


Did TAC eng. mention what frequencies range/bands the 8831 wireless mics use?

Is it adjustable? If not; what channels did you choose for the near APs to overcome your problem.





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Hi George,No, TAC did not

Hi George,

No, TAC did not mention the frequency. I had asked a couple of times but did not get a clear answer. I did go under the assumption that they are bluetooth, as "pairing" is typically a bluetooth function (I could be wrong about that, not my specialty).

And we never did overcome the issue, we abandoned them and have been using wired mics. Our environment is unique in that we have sever wireless LANs, only one of which we own and control. It would have taken coordination from several vendors to troubleshoot their wireless networks and given past experience with those vendors, we were not confident that they would have the skill set required to assist.

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Thank you Joshua for your

Thank you Joshua for your reply 

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