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New Member

8945 low microphone volume

Hi all,

we are experiencing some issues on a 8945 ip Phone. The user says that sometimes, people at the other end tell him that volume is very low and it's difficult to hear him. The user previously was using a 7941 and didn't have any problem, the issue started when we changed the phone with a 8945.

We tried changing the handset, we upgraded the phone to the latest firmware, nothing changed.

We disabled the g722 codec, so now every call is g711. Problem remains.

Any idea? could it be the phone defected?

Thank you very much,



8945 low microphone volume

We had an issue where the microphone on 8961 SIP phones was too sensitive. We downgraded the firmware to a lower version and it worked better for the client. My understanding is changing the firmware is the only way to control the microphone on the phone.

Hope this would help!

VIP Purple

8945 low microphone volume

Hi Amine,

Thanks for updating.

What was the earlier version when problem was being faced and the degarded version after problem has been resolved?

please share.



8945 low microphone volume

Downgraded from load sip8961.9-3-1-33 to sip8961.9-2-4-19.

New Member

8945 low microphone volume

Hi all,

we already tried several different firmwares (SCCP in our case), but no luck.

We also tried downgrading to a quite old firmware (9-2-2-0) because we have another customer with plenty of 8945 phones with that firmware working perfectly. Again no luck.

I think it's an harware problem, we'll try substituting the phone

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