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911 reporting for remote site

Hi all. I have a question that Im trying to see if I can do or not. I have a customer with a CME (and another with CallManager) that has a remote site. Customer has a vpn back into the main site, and they have their IP Phone that goes across the vpn to register to the CME. All works great, but now Im concerned about 911. How do I get 911 to report the correct address for the user at the remote site, without them having to get an analog line at the remote site for this capability? Is this possible?

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Re: 911 reporting for remote site


Cisco has a solution for this, the Cisco Emergency Responder, see the following link:

Failing this, I'm not sure there is anything you can do. If you are required to provide 911 emergency service for people using VPNs, then you will need to arrange for local analog access to the PSTN.

You have the option of using Calling Search Spaces of course to prevent them from dialing 911 on their company provided phone, however that may not be something you should do given the nature of 911.


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Re: 911 reporting for remote site

Thanks Adam. Im not sure how to overcome this, but I will look at the CER.

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