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911 route patterns


I have recently taken over managing a call manager 4.2(3) cluster environment with centralized call control and 30 + sites.

I have a good deal of experience administering a call manager environment and have a good knowledge of dial plans. I don't have a lot of experience with 911 dial plans.

Currently our 911 service is provided by using 911 route patterns with route filters. Each site phone has a unique device CSS to identify the local gateway that the call should be routed out.

My question(s) is

1) If I change the Call Manager media resource group on a sites device pool is there any chance this could affect 911 operations?

2) This is a bit of a broader question, is there any way I could accidentally stop 911 from working by changing anything other the 911 route patterns, route filters, 911 CSS and 911 Partitions?


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Re: 911 route patterns

If you change MRG's you wont affect the ability to dial 911 calls.

The only way you could effect the ability to dial 911 was if you were to create an extension or translation pattern 911 as these matches would take priority over a dial pattern.

Best thing to do is make a note of the current settings, make the changes you feel you need to and then test dialling 911. If the call is successful explain to the emergency operator that you have installed a new telephone system and are just ensuring dialling emergency services works and if it doesnt work reinstate the original configuration.

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Re: 911 route patterns

I would recommend that you call your local police on their non-emergency number to schedule a test. That way when you do call they know they don't have to dispatch a police cruiser if by some unhappy chance you get a connection with one-way voice.

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