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9951 Phone, FW 9-3-4-24, "Frozen Screen"


I have a problem with the current FW. The screen is "Frozen".No call in and out possible.

There is a log entry: "downd- Socket accept errno=4 "interrupted system call"

The only solution is to reboot the phone.

Anyone an idea?

Bye Ulf

New Member

9951 Phone, FW 9-3-4-24, "Frozen Screen"

This might be Phones loose DHCP and just hangs and do not recover back or register to Call Manager.

Workaround :  Phone has to be manually rebooted. Try upgrading the firmware to the latest

Cisco Employee

9951 Phone, FW 9-3-4-24, "Frozen Screen"


Is there any expansion module connected to your 9951 phone ?



9951 Phone, FW 9-3-4-24, "Frozen Screen"

Hi Aditya,

is there any known bug on 9951 phone with the expansion module?

I've a similar problem with a couple of phones: sometimes they completely hung up, some other times they lose basic functions (i.e. call transfer) and the only solution is to manually restart them.

I've tried different configurations and many firmwares, but at the end I found that the problem seems to be related to the expansion modules: by removing them the phones are working properly.

Cisco Employee

Re: 9951 Phone, FW 9-3-4-24, "Frozen Screen"

Hi Gianmaria

Yes, there are few defects exisiting on RT Phones (99XX and 8961) with expansion modul, where problem either happens on expansion module or the phone iteself.



IF you have already tried fixed firmwares for these defects, i would suggest open up a TAC case and get the problem investigated.



9951 Phone, FW 9-3-4-24, "Frozen Screen"

Hi Ulf,

I had the same problem with my 9951 phones but now it's some week that I'm using the 9.4(1) firmware and it seems to be solved.

Unfortunately I've still some trouble with call transfer (once a week the call transfer function stop working and I have to restart the phone), but I think is a completely different problem.

Hope it helps.

New Member

i am having same problem with

i am having same problem with group of 9951's. i am at v9.4.1 on firmware. had similar problem with biamp SIP conferencing unit and fixed it by changing from DHCP to  fixed address. continue  to get  a address conflict error, but the device no longer hangs. is their any solution other than fixed addressing .. thanks




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