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9971 calls 8945 video freeze problem



 We recently upgraded 

9971 model IP Phones to sip9971.9-4-1-9 and

8945 model IP Phones to sip8941-8945.9-4-1-8.


After the upgrade when 9971 calls 8945; video freezes but voice is normal.

We tried Applications > Status > Call Statistics > Video > Video statistics > Rcvr Packets statistics. The number is increasing. 

Hold/resume do not work.


Anyone who can help about this?



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Same Problem here.... CCM 9

Same Problem here....


CCM 9.1

9971 sip9951.9-4-1-9

8945 SIP8941_8945.9-4-1-8


Did you find the solution?

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I've had the same issue and

I've had the same issue and have had a TAC case open for about 2 months now.  We noticed the issue only occurs when the 8945 is running 9.4.1 firmware.  If possible, you can get some temporary relief by downgrading the 8945 to 9.3.4 or lower.  We downgraded the 8945s to 9.3.2 because we have remote 8945 VPN phones and that feature is broke in 9.3.4.

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Hi, thanks for your answer. I

Hi, thanks for your answer. I have also an open case now. Downgrade could solve but the customer doesn't want to downgrade. I'll update here if I find any other solution.

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