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9971 Firware Issues 9-3-4-24

I have about 1000 9971's deployed running firmware 9-3-4-24 on CUCM 8.6

  1. I have intermittant issues with individual phone(s) going unregistered, display on the phone says "registereing", phone can still be ping'd and I can still access phone URL / web page. Only fix is a hard re-boot. Anyone else experiancing this issue.
  2. Have some phones where DTMF tones are NOT passed when on speaker phone, bur DTMF tones can be passed if user swithces to handset whle on the call.

I think these are firmware issue(s) but TAC has not been able to help and i just want to know if anyone else has had similar issues. I have had alot of buggy type issues w/the SIP 99xx phones, very frustrating.


9971 Firware Issues 9-3-4-24

Hi Darren,

Considering the different kinds of issues you are experiencing with 9971's it would be a good idea to upgrade a few of the affected 9971's to the latest firmware 9.4(1) and monitor them for a couple of days

If the issues still persist with the new firmware then they need to be looked at one by one, else you will be able to upgrade all 9971's to 9.4(1) to take care of the problem.

Here is the Read me for 9.4(1), check the resolved caveats section to see what issues this firmware will take care of



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9971 Firware Issues 9-3-4-24

Have been testing 9_4_1.9, but that has caused other issues for the test phones, such as removing the prepended "9" in the phone call history for easy redial.

Just generally trying to get a sense from others as all the 9971 firmware seems to be "very buggy" in general as described in my oringal post.

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