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9971 VPN WIFI Phone Disconnect Problem

I have just installed at home a 9971 VPN phone (model CP-9971) using WIFI.

Since installed the phone is disconnecting and reconnecting periodically (irregularly 10- 20 minutes),

even during phone calls.

The phone is installed in a room where I have a macbook a wifi epson printer.

The ADSL WIFI router (from telecom Italia) is installed 4 mt away in the adjacent room separated by a glass door

I have disabled Bluetooth on the Macbook and mobiles on my dek and even tried to switch off the Epson printer that is near the 9971 phone

Thanks for your help.

Cheers Sergio


Cisco Employee

Hi,Can you please verify your


Can you please verify your wifi setup as per the 'VoIP Wireless Network setup for Cisco Unified IP Phone 9971' guide




Community Member

Hi ManishIn the Administrator

Hi Manish

In the Administrator settings --> WLAN setup 

I have

wireless On

WLAN Sign in access Off

IPv4Setup:  DHCP enabled ; IP Address -Subnet mask( -Default router- DNS server1 DNS server 2  Alternate TFTP yes; TFTP server 1 and 2 have been configured by my Company for me I can provide them to you but I prefer not to show openly ; BOOTP server no; DHCP address released No

Mac Address 

Domain Name set correctly

SSID set correctly

Security mode set to AKM

802.11 mode set to Auto

Looking at the guide you mentioned I can understand very little of it 

I can send you 2 snapshots I have taken from the status messages page

What else do you need anything else from me for your analysis? 

Thank you so much for your help!




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