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A solution to prevent/monitor call-center customer calls to be muted by an agent


I'm new to Cisco Support Community so please forgive me if I'm posting at the wrong place.

I have read a lot of things around my subject of concern described in the title but I attempt a new try to check if this may have found a solution (as majority of posts where dated many years old).

In a call-center environnement running Cisco UCCE 7.5.7, CCM 7.1.3 and C6921 phones (SCCP), I need to be able to either :

- disable mute button on 6921 phones

- monitor at least mute usage by agents by any possible mean

This is needed by production managers to prevent from agents placing customer calls in a mute state too frequently or for bad purpose.

We could disable mute button with our previous call-center telephony platform (not Cisco), so this is for us a loss of feature and I'm surprised this is not configurable like speakerphone button disabling could be done for example.

For my culture, do is there a SCCP message sent when pressing mute button ?

Thanx for your reply.


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