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AA query

Hi All,

We have deployed CUCM 6.1 and AA using IVR at our CU. Find below the details,

Numbering plan - 513XXX

DID range from service provider - 3XXX

Gateway protocol - MGCP

For incoming calls we have configured translation pattern on CUCM so that 4-digit called number 3XXX gets translated to 6-digit number 513XXX so that CUCM can route calls to appropriate DN which is registered to CUCM.

Also for outgoing calls, we have configured calling party transformation mask on route patterns so that appropriate DID gets displayed.

Now, we have also deployed AA using IVR. PSTN callers will dial only 4-digit number i.e. 3XXX but call should get transferred to 513XXX. This means IVR script should add prefix to called number.

Any idea how to achieve the same


Re: AA query

actually in ur case u need only to make a translation pattren that take the 3XXX and prefix 513

for example let say ur AA is 3555

creat translation pattren that is i a partion accessable by ur gateway CSS and this translation pattren should has a CSS that make it able to access internal phones/lines partion

in this TP make the match pattren as 3XXX

in the called number tansformation prefix or make it like 513XXX

this way outside call will dial 3555

will come to ur gateway ur gateway has access to the matched TP then the 3555 will become 513555 and get routed to a phone or AA with 513555 number in ur system

the same idea for evry number in the range of 3000 - 3999 of the DIDs

good luck

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Re: AA query


Thanx for your prompt reply. Actually, I wanted to add prefix to called numbers for calls which are routed via AA script.e.g- PSTN callers dial AA number,hears the AA prompt,dials the desired 4-digit extension and AA script routes call to appropriate 6-digit extn by adding prefix 51.

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