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AA to Receptionist Rings to AA on 2nd Call

5 incoming lines ...110 (auto attendant)


voice-port  0/0/0
  connection plar opx 110
  caller-id enable

I have AA script active on all  incoming calls to determine holiday, day, time.  During office hours a  call is routed to the receptionist (ex 130). When a second call comes  and determines that the receptionist is busy the AA script moves into an  AA menu option to reach staff.

Just a note: One other  phone (121) has shared lines with the Receptionist to act as  backup if she is tied up.  We want all calls to go to the receptionist  and have other staffer as backup and if no one answers then the AA kicks  in.

Here is portion of running sript:

ephone-dn  12  dual-line
  number 121

name Sam
call-forward busy 100 *** Voicemail" ***
call-forward  noan 100 timeout 15

ephone-dn  21  dual-line
  number 130 secondary 0
  label Receptionist
  description 130
  name Receptionist
  preference 1
  call-forward busy 109 ***Huntgroup***
  call-forward noan 109 timeout 15
  huntstop channel
  no huntstop

ephone-dn  22  dual-line
  number 130
  label Receptionist 2
  description 130a
  name Receptionist 2
  preference 2
  call-forward busy 109 ***Huntgroup***
  call-forward noan 109 timeout 15
  huntstop channel
  no huntstop

ephone  1
  type 7970 addon 1 7914
  mwi-line 1
  button  1:12 2:21

ephone  10

type 7961 addon 1 7914 2 7914

button  1:21 2:22

I believe I have the receptionist  phone (130) correctly set up to handle muilitple calls.  At times some  new callers have gotten a busy signal when another staffer (ext 121) had  already pickup the shared line when the receptionist was away.  The  receptionist (130) is supposed to go into a hunt group (109) for Busy or  NA.  How can I correctly configure the AA script to transfer to the  receptionist even if busy?...or do I ignor the AA script "busy" item  because the ephone DN handles it from there on?  If ok to use...I still  have the two line buttons on receptionist phone (130) with same  extension.  Do I need to map all 5 incoming lines to the receptionist  phone?...No because all incoming lines go into the AA script to screen  for date, etc.



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