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AAR Group and Location

I got AAR to work with location but do not understand it.

I had DevicePool setup with Locations, AAR Group, and AAR CSS but that didn't work so I had to do the following on top of the DP to work

Setup AAR group on Line config for phone but left device config location to <none>

Setup AAR group on both line and device for VM port as well as AAR CSS/Location on device part of the VM port

Setup AAR group and location on the GW

Initially, I thought setting up AARgroup, AARcss and location in DP would be the only thing but apparently not. I had to go to the specific device and line config page of phones, VM port, and GW and via process of elimination to get it to work.

I am on 4.2.3sr1 so my question is what is the difference in DP versus the specific configs for each devise?

I dig through the cco and srnd and can't find some insight on how this works.


Re: AAR Group and Location

Dial plan is for Call routing, if the call is not router due to bandwidth problem then AAR come to up.

For ARR to work, First Configure Device pool, with region, Location. Apply location and ARR in Device level.

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