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AAR location bandwidth

Cisco documentation on AAR states the feature activates when there is insufficient bandwidth available. What happens if you lose the WAN link between locations? Does the call reroute over PSTN?

Also, has anyone set this up to use AAR to get a call from remote site phone to the main site unity when link is down, and if so, is there a good configuration document?






Re: AAR location bandwidth

CCM-AAR cannot detect WAN link down, only not enough BW between CCM Locations.

but starting in CCM 4.2 and in 6.0 u have Call Forward Unregistered.


Re: AAR location bandwidth

Hi Rob,

I'm assuming you are using SRST?

You can configure it to forward the calls destined for voicemail to go to a PSTN number. I.e. the full DDI number of your central unity server.

This does depend on the type of voice circuits you have. Typically for it to be nice and easy your carrier would need to support RDNIS (to indicate to Unity what the original called number was - so it knows what mailbox to drop the caller into)

If this doesnt work you can also configure SRST to dial a certain number sequence and navigate the menu's automatically to get to the correct voicemail box.

This doc explains the 2 options much better than me :)



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Re: AAR location bandwidth


thanks for your responses.

Here's my issue: the WAN link is a MetroE link between both locations. Pub and Unity are at one site, sub is at other site. If metroE link goes down, phones at sub will not go into srst mode but remain registered with sub. So question is, how can I get calls to fwd to vm, or check vm, for users at Sub site when link is down, if AAR is not answer?

When I asked partner helpline the above question, response was "With AAR, you can reroute everything over the PSTN instead of the WAN, ie site A to site B and vice versa."


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Re: AAR location bandwidth

You could try to enter the full ddi number on the call forward unregistered on callmanager 4.2 and above. I think the setting is Forward Unregistered on the relevent phone lines so if your link fails both Pub and Sub will see the phobnes on the other end of the link as unregistered and when you dial them it should forward your call the the external DDI number. - It may work if I have understood you setup correctly.

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