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AAR with Unity


I'd like to use the AAR feature to have incoming DID calls to remote site phones set for fwd'd bsy/na to vm, to use the pstn when the wan link is down or out of bw.

the site will have a pub 4.2, and unity 4.2 at central and a sub at remote. metroE link between sites.

Has anyone done this? If AAR reroutes call over pstn, what does caller hear when they reach unity? main greeting or subscribers greeting? I'd want them to reach suscriber greeting, same as when wan link is used.




Re: AAR with Unity

There are two scenarios here. When WAN is down your phones at remote site will register to SRST router. In this case for calls coming into remote site phones to drop into the actual voicemail box of the user, you will have to setup your PRIs at main site and remote site with RDNIS. Telco has to support this and carry RDNIS from remote site to main site. RDNIS basically carries forwarding station's information. Unity looks at this field and drops the call into the right mailbox. Note that all providers dont support carrying RDNIS. Also make sure your gateway at HQ is configured to receive redirecting number (RDNIS). THe remote site router should be configured to send RDNIS.

With scenario 2, when wan is out of bandwidth, thats the only time when AAR kicks in. For this to work a few things have to be set properly. AAR groups should be applied to Huntpilot for unity and proper AAR settings applied at Voicemail ports as well.

Unity voice mail ports/hunt pilot should be in HQ device pool/AAR group so that AAR can kick in in case of wan is out of bandwidth between HQ and Remote site. When calls get forwarded to Unity, the caller id of the forwarding station will be 10 digits so you need to setup alternate extensions on each mailbox in Unity with a 10 digit DID number.



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Re: AAR with Unity


in scenerio one, since the sub is at remote site, will not phones still be registered to sub and not go into srst? If this is true, would it work same as scenerio 2? I'm thinking phones would not go to srst unless a) wan is down, and b) sub is unavailable.



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