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about CUE 7.0.1 voice mail problem

user wants to when click button "voice message" on IP phone can listening the voice message directly , not prompt modification greating .

how do I operate in CUE side ??   where do changes configration in CUE ??

hope some friend can help me , pls tell me detail .. many thanks ..

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Re: about CUE 7.0.1 voice mail problem

thank you , but I said that the "greating" mean is when customer click the "voice message" button should listened voice message directly,

not such as system default notification "please modify your name etc."

that is nothing prompt to users. only have voice message.


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tony_xie (谢昆)

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发件人: rob.huffman

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收件人: Tony Xie


主题: New message: "about CUE 7.0.1 voice mail problem"[DaOqE-2i0u-d7TP]

Kun Xie,

A new message was posted in the Discussion thread "about CUE 7.0.1 voice mail problem":

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Re: about CUE 7.0.1 voice mail problem

Hi Tony,

Sorry about that

Maybe this is what you are looking for;

Message Properties Customization

By default, Cisco Unity Express plays all message properties, including the sender information, date and time that the message was sent, and other details. Using this feature, voice mail administrators can customize which message properties that voice mail subscribers will hear when retrieving a message. Administrators can exclude information on sender, data and time, or the day of the week that the message was sent.

New Voice Mail and Auto-Attendant Features in Cisco Unity Express 3.0.1

Configuring Message Properties (Envelope) Customization

This feature enables you to customize voice mail message playback preferences, such as which message properties subscribers hear when they retrieve a message using the TUI. These message properties are also commonly known as the message envelope.

By default, Cisco Unity Express plays all message properties. The message properties consist of the sender information, date and time of when the message was sent, reception date and time (if the message was received later than 30 minutes after it was sent), and other details such as the message number, type, priority. With this feature, you can customize the message playback to exclude information on the sender, date and time, and the day of week that the message was sent.

You can only customize the message properties of regular (new/saved/deleted) messages. You cannot customize Non-Delivery Receipts (NDR), Delayed Delivery Receipts (DDR), and broadcast messages because all available envelope information is essential in understanding those messages.

The following sections describe how to configure the following two options for configuring message properties:

Specify that only some of the system-wide message properties (envelope) are played for regular voice mail messages.

Include the playing of the day-of-week information in the message properties (envelope) of voice mail for regular messages.

Configuring Whether to Include Only Brief Message Properties


1. config t

2. voicemail conversation subscriber msg-properties brief

3. end

4. (Optional) show voicemail conversation subscriber



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