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AC Console Transfers not working correctly

I have a user that has the AC console installed on their pc. They refuse to use it only use the phone to to answer and transfer calls. If I transfer the call with the software, the caller ID of the calling party shows on the target phone when transferred. But when I transfer from the phone, it does not bring the calling number to the target phone. Also, the user is logged into her console, but not using it.


Re: AC Console Transfers not working correctly

Which type of transfer you are using?

Blind or Supervised?

Internal calls doing the same?

Re: AC Console Transfers not working correctly

i guess it would be a blind transfer.

In the console, they select transfer and drag the call to the directory number.

When the Console is logged in, the operator answer the handset instead of using the software. He/she then hits transfer and the 4 digit number and the call is then transferred. But on this method, the caller ID does of the caller does not follow.


Re: AC Console Transfers not working correctly

Hi Tom,

Ok lets say I call from my cell phone

1 408 250 1234 -- AC user answers

Are we using AC pilot or just direct call to IP Phone using AC ?

Lets say AC IP Phone is 2000

when she transfers the call to lets say 2001

2001 rings and what is actually seeing?

From 2000 or from 14082501234?

when 2001 answers same info what is displayed?

Behaviour is blind transfers should show from 2000 for ms and then from 14082501234 during ringing and after connected state

Consult transfers should show from 2000

once call is connected caller ID should display from 14082501234

Let us know what behaviour you are seeing and also CUCM versions, IP Phone models and firmware


Re: AC Console Transfers not working correctly

Yes, the outside calls hits the AC Pilot. AC Console rings one of the designated hunt group members.

say 2000 she picked up the call on her 7965.

She hits transfer to 2001 and apparently 2001 is seeing 2000 calling her, not the outside call.

If she hit the BLF button on the transfer, then the behaviour would be what you explained above?

CUCM 7.01, newest firmware on the phones 7965 and 7942, etc

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