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Access the Paging System(Pager) from Ericsson System(PABX System) via Call Manager 5.0

Our problem in accessing the Paging System (Pager) from PABX old System(Ericsson) using access “78” via IP-Call Manager. after dialing “78” followed by “*9” plus pager unit number “i.e. 5404” is allowed.

Ericsson system(PABX old system) connected to Cisco IP Telephony System by using Q-sig from Cisco IPT System are connected Paging System by using R2 Signalling .from IPT to Paging System(Zetron) we are able to reaching by dialing *9XXXX (4 digits number).normally and working fine .

To dial From Ericson system to Cisco IPT System we used the Access Code "78-XXXX".
we want to access the PAging System frm Ericson via Call Manager 5. by using this format "78*9XXXX" it dispaly only the 4 digits extension i.e 7240 on Ericsson system and gets hang up.

So the problem is that we are not able to access the paging system from Ericsson system via Cisco Call manager 5.0

Hightly apprecited for your quick response .


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Re: Access the Paging System(Pager) from Ericsson System(PABX Sy

What's the route pattern on call manager look like that is pointing to the gateway using QSIG to connect to the Ericsson system?  If you aren't discarding digits you should be able to pass the full 78*9XXXX pattern across in the SETUP. If you have something like a 78*9.XXXX and you're discarding pre-dot then I would expect you are seeing 4 digits on the Ericsson side.

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Re: Access the Paging System(Pager) from Ericsson System(PABX Sy

IPT To Ericson System route patterns are mention below :

Route Parttern           Discard digits
  9.0[1-9]!                  PreDot
  9.0[1-9]!#                 PreDot
  9.1[012345789]XX     PreDot

From  IPT System  to Paging system Route Pattern : *9XXXX and  Discard digits: None

we are able to see the 4 digits on the Ericsson side but its not dialing the pager number via CCM 5.0 .

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