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accessing remote trunk

hi all,

here is my scanrio,

i have 2 uc560 devices and each side we have pri trunk connected and i connecteed these 2 devices by h323 trunk , so i can call extension both side.

but i need to access remote pri trunk from site A

like from site A we need to access site B pri trunk via H323 trunk

is it possible ? it is possible in avaya ip offfice 500 , but cme and uc 500 i am not aware of it

please provide me the solution.



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accessing remote trunk

I cannot speak for UC500 as I never worked with it, but since you mention CME the answer is you can absolutely access it, all you need to do is build voip dial-peers which point to the remote CME that have matching POTS dial peers pointing to the local PRI trunks.  I would imagine you should be able to do the same with UC500.



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accessing remote trunk

you mean,

like for remote extension i am accessing 82...

and my remote trunk access in 9T

so we need to create voip peer like 829T like that

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accessing remote trunk

Well, you did not specify your requirements, what do you want to send out of remote PRI? 

For example are you trying to do least cost routing, where you want to send calls local to the remote location via this trunk to save on LD charges?  If so you need to define explicit dial peer that matches the area code and point to remote router, let's assume you need to send all 312 are code number out remote location, you would define the following dial-peer

dial-peer voice X voip

destination-pattern 91312....... (assuming 11 digit dialing and using 9 as off net access code)

session target ipv4: remote GW IP address



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