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accounting with CUCM

Is there any way we can keep track of the changes being made to the CUCM like accounting?

Can CUOM be able to do this


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Re: accounting with CUCM

Hi Ambi,

There are basic "MLA" style logs available but they may not contain the detail level you require for Audit purposes;

Access Log

The log contains a file report of access/change attempts. That is, Cisco Unified CallManager Administration generates a record of attempts to access or modify any directory or database component through Cisco Unified CallManager Administration. The change record includes the user name, date, time, window from which the change was made, and the success or failure status of the update.

The Trace File for MLA, Via RTMT (Trace Files) is where you will find the Logs;

Trace tab -> Trace & log central -> Collect files -> Cisco Role Based security

For more detailed logs you would need something like this product;

Cisco does offer some good Management/Monitoring products in the UC space. Have a look;

Key Features of Cisco Unified Operations Manager

Real-time visualization and monitoring of the entire Unified Communications system supports more efficient troubleshooting

Active service assurance ensures that devices and applications are functioning as they should, and reveals faults and performance issues before they affect service

Powerful diagnostic tests and troubleshooting capabilities rapidly isolate faults and increase productivity

Correlation, analysis, and presentation of voice service quality data and alerts make use of information available through Cisco Unified Service Monitor

Inventory and change monitoring enable tracking of complete details of unified communications devices and IP phone inventory

Cisco Unified Operations Manager does not deploy any agent software on the devices being monitored, so it will not disrupt system operations

Cisco Unified Operations Manager helps reduce system maintenance costs, improve productivity, and increase user satisfaction by providing a comprehensive monitoring, alerting, and troubleshooting view into the entire Cisco Unified Communications environment.

I have also heard great things about registered Cisco Developer/Partner Variphy;

Hope this helps!

Re: accounting with CUCM

Actually, if you are running 7.1(2) and later you do have additional

auditing capabilities. I did a write up on it here:

And a follow up here:




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Re: accounting with CUCM

Rob, i wil definitely have a look at Variphy

I am still not sure whether CUOM would be the able to provid me the required audit logs. It more seems to be a diagnostic monitoring tool

Bell, thanks for the inputs .. i am gonna definitely try this out in the coming days


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Re: Audit/accounting with CUCM

Hi Ambi...

Something like this?...

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Re: Audit/accounting with CUCM

Need a bit more in depth as what chnages was actually made

possible ??


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Re: Audit/accounting with CUCM

Hi Ambi,

Yes, the screenshot just showed the Change Summary at beginning of the document.  The document above can be many pages in length depending on the situation (number of changes made since the last Snapshot, etc...).  All those numbers in the Summary beginning are hotlinked to go down to more detailed information about what's been changed.  So for example, if you clicked on the "22" in Service Parameters Added from the document in the screenshot above, you would be brought down to this:

The feature will go so far down as to record the changes in a user's Speed Dial.

Deep enough?


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Re: Audit/accounting with CUCM

Hi Chris,

Will Variphy tell me who made the change?  We have a problem with things disappearing and not knowing who disappeard them.



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Re: Audit/accounting with CUCM

Hi Mark,

Yes, we now can "read" the CUCM Audit log (in CUCM 7.1.2 and above):


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