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Action Plan for migration from 4.1.3 to 5.0.4(a)

Good day, Networkers,

Please, kindly help me with an action plan composing for the subject cause I

have no doubt there a lot of professionals here, who knows about it much more than I do.

Currently, I'm informed about a few nuances of that migration, but not about all.

Let me describe you what do I have:

1. HARDWARE: HP DL380 G3 (Xeon 3.2, 1Gb RAM, 33Gb HDD)

2. SOFTWARE: CCM 4.1.3 SR 4d

3. Up to 1000 registered ip phones.

4. Up to 100 active simultaneous calls at a time.

5. Product Authorization Key (aka Claim Certificate Number) provided by 4.1.3 CD package

6. DVD Discs, ordered from Cisco, with an upgrade to Cisco Call Manager 5.0.4(a)

And here my questions are:

1. I've already made sure that my hardware is not sufficient for 5.0.4(a) upgrade. Ok then.

What MCS model or Cisco approved server (part number) can you recommend me to buy to upgrade to 5.0.4(a) ?

If i'm buying an appropriate hardware, could it be suitable for Call Manager 6.x also ?

2. As I need to change my hardware, what would be migration procedure looks like (step by step approximately) ?

3. Some words about licensing. I'm concerned, that 5.x release has new license type:

* server license (allows server to operate):

do i need to pay for it if i've already had a PAK from previously ordered 4.1.3 package ?

if yes, why so ?

if no, what is the method of getting it and the upgrade procedure ?

* device license (endpoints registration):

i'm concerned about endpoints units a little.

must i pay if i have 50-200 already registered & active phones ?

must i pay for their units if i'm planning to save sccp signaling ?

must i pay for their units if i'm planning to change theirs signaling to sip ?

4. By the way, do you know what is the maximum quantity of IP Phones,

Gateways and other entities for my current hardware configuration ?

Ooh, hope all my questions would be answered by IPT NetPro community.

Thank you very much.

New Member

Re: Action Plan for migration from 4.1.3 to 5.0.4(a)

1000 phones, sounds like you will need a HP DL380G4/7835, but you should really use the device wieght calculation tool to see if you can get away with the 7825G5 (I believe the 7825G4 has just gone EOL).

Licensing will be free, you get a free upgrade from CCM4 to CCM5 - on a like for like basis. If you have 2 servers and 1000 phones now, that is the license file for CCM5 that you will get - you will have to pay Cisco if you want more server, phones etc later on.

The tricky part is the upgrade process. You have to do the upgrade on the same box because it is the MAC address of the box that is used to generate the interim XML license file. This means that you will have to install CCM4 on the new server. Then get it to the same OS/patch version as your current server. Next, do a BARS backup from the production kit and restore to the new kit. Confirm that the new CCM is running well.

Download and install the DMA migration assistant on the new server and run it. This produces a file that you will need when installing CCM5.

Insert the CCM disk on the new server and install CCM5. During the setup, choose the migrate from Windows installation option. This will install CCM5 and get it to the point where it is on the network. It will then prompt you for an IP address, sub directory, username and password for a host where the DMA file is. Stick a secure FTP client on a PC on the same network as the new server, create a user etc, put the file that DMA created there and let the CCM5 server suck it up. Do not try to use FTP even though the option is there, there are several bugs that mean it doesn't work on many (if not all) versions.

The server installation will complete. Then go into the System, Licensing menu. One of the submenus in there allows you to see the interim license file (sorry - can't remember the exact sub menu). Copy and paste it into notepad or whatever and send it to and with the email tell them the MAC address of the servers. They will generate a license file and email you back.

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Re: Action Plan for migration from 4.1.3 to 5.0.4(a)


New Member

Re: Action Plan for migration from 4.1.3 to 5.0.4(a)

Thank you, Brian, for your great explanation.

Let me detail with you something else, that are still unclear for me.

1. Could you please provide the link for 'device wieght calculation tool' ?

What for can it be useful ?

2. Could you advice the concrete 7825 server model ? L2 or L3 ? H2 or H3 ?

What is the difference between them ?

3. What will i get from ? Server and existing devices license both ? Or only server license?

New Member

Re: Action Plan for migration from 4.1.3 to 5.0.4(a)

Could anybody kindly confirm that

"MCS-7825-H2-IPC1" (HW Only MCS-7825-H2 2.8-GHz with 2GB RAM and Dual 80GB SATA HD) is suitable for Cisco Call Manager 5.0.4a ?

Does "MCS-7825-H2-IPC1" is the same as "HP, 1, 2800, 2048 ,2x74 SATA,,ProLiant DL320 G4"

Thank you.