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Active Directory and UCM 6.1

If we integrate AD with UCM 6.1, do I later have to go into each user on UCM and input their phone extension? Or is their a phone number field over on windows server in AD for each user, and that phone number "ports" over to UCM?

Is there any other "painpoints" with integrating AD with UCM6.1? I understand the changes on "how it works" but just want to know if it's worth our time.

thank you


Re: Active Directory and UCM 6.1

I would recommend reading the LDAP Directory Integration chapter of the CUCM 6.x SRND which is available from:

It goes through most of the issues of doing this.

There is some effort involved as certain Callmanager attributes such as PIN, speed dial etc. do not exist in AD. Telephone number does but you need to be careful with the format that they are currently stored in.

The directory sync is a bit crude; all the contents of a nominated OU are synced - there is no granular filtering. This is fine if you AD setup holds all the phone users in one (or more) OU's and non-phone users in other OU's but it can get messy.

If you plan it well it can be worth it but it needs some serious thought.

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Re: Active Directory and UCM 6.1

Pain Point: There doesn't seem to be a way to modify normalized numbers when using standards like e.164 + Dialing. For example, in ad the number appears: +1 403 333 3444. When you use corporate directory to dial this, it sends the 1403.... to the phone and ignores the +. That would be ok if you never needed an external access code inserted.

So translation patterns could help however there will be conflicts in the dial plan, especially for local numbers, extensions, and international numbers.

Application dial rules do not seem to apply to Corporate Directory entries. All our AD entries are going to be standardized, so may need to be dialled differently from each location.

If anyone has done this effectively before any tips would be appreciated.

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