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Active Directory Integration.

I have a CUCM 6.0 integrated to an Active Directory(AD). I performed syncronization and quite a number of users were downloaded from the AD to the CUCM data base.

In the AD some users have only the extension as the only phone number attched to the user. some other users have multiple phone numbers like, Extension, Mobile, Push To Talk Radio and residential phone numbers.

The challange I have is that from the IP Phones on the CUCM, I can only dial those users that have only extension as the only phone number from the corperate directory. When I search for those users that have multiple numbers as described above, their name displays but i cannot dial it. ie  when i select the user from the corperate directory and dial it,  it does not ring and does not return any message.

Funny enough, when you search the corperate directory  and dial a user with multiple phone numbers from an  Alcatel phone registered to alcatel PBX that is also integrated to the same AD, it displays all the numbers (extension, mobile, push to talk radio and residential extension) and you can select any of the numbers and dial it successfully. Why cant I achieve this in CUCM? is this a limitation? Pls, I need clarifications.

Secondly, my customer has up to 5000 users in the active directory but only 2247 users could be dounloaded to the CUCM after performing full syncronization. Could this be a capacity issue?.

Kindly, help.

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Re: Active Directory Integration.

Do all the users have the SN field with a valid value?

The attribute mapped to the Cisco UserID field  must be populated in the directory and the sn attribute must be populated with data, otherwise those records are  skipped during this import action.

Does the account you're using has read rights over the necessary OUs to sync them?

Are you pointing high enough in the AD tree to sync the OUs where users are?



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