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Ad-Hoc Conferencing

I've setup Ad-Hoc conferencing on a 2811 running 12.4(15)T8 with CME Using phone 1 I call phone 2 and then on phone 1 I place phone 2 on hold. Then I make a new call from phone 1 to phone 3. At that point I press conference on phone 1 and phone 2 and 3 are joined in a conference and phone 1 shows that it is connected to the extension that I have defined as the conference extension. However, I hear a busy signal on phone 1. Phones 2 and 3 can communicate back and forth just fine, but phone 1 doesn't become part of the conference. Phone 1 and 2 are on the same CME and phone 3 is on another phone system that communicates via H323. The conferencing is setup as hardware on the 2811 and I have enough PVDM2 resources to allow 6 sessions. I don't understand why phone 1 doesn't become part of the conference.

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Re: Ad-Hoc Conferencing

Hi, once you configure HW conferencing, ad-hoc stops working. My recommendation is that patiently you go over the config examples in the manual to find a possible mistake.

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Re: Ad-Hoc Conferencing

Hi Brandon,

Just a comment here on the methods used by the phone user to setup the Conference. This is normally done this way;

Phone 1 calls Phone 2

Phone 2 answers

Phone 1 Presses Conference Button

Phone 1 calls Phone 3

Phone 3 answers

Phone 1 Presses Conference Button a second time and all three calls are Conferenced together.

Just a thought :)


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Re: Ad-Hoc Conferencing

Thanks for the response Rob. I've tried that method as well and the same thing happens.

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Re: Ad-Hoc Conferencing

Are you using hardware or software conferencing here?

With CME software conferencing allows only for 3 parties, with hardware you can have up to 8.

If you are using hardware conferencing the most common ommision is the creation of conference ephone-dns, make sure you create these as described in the admin guide.



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